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Welcome to the UMBEL Web Site !

This is the official Web site for the UMBEL Vocabulary and Reference Concept Ontology (namespace: umbel). UMBEL is the Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer, designed to help content interoperate on the Web.

UMBEL provides two valuable functions:

  • First, it is a broad, general reference structure of 25,000 concepts, which provides a scaffolding to link and interoperate other datasets and domain vocabularies, and
  • Second, it is a base vocabulary for the construction of other concept-based domain ontologies, also designed for interoperation.

Here you may find the UMBEL specifications, detailed listings and lookups of its vocabulary and concepts, downloads of the ontology or supporting materials, various Web services including search and visualization, links to resources including news and blog postings, a big graph display, the technical UMBEL wiki and supporting documentation, and access points to community forumsprojects and changelogs.

We welcome your participation and enjoy!

Michael Bergman and Frédérick Giasson, co-editors