Plain Concept Tagger Released


The UMBEL plain concept tagger, the first in a series of tagger tools, was released today. The tagger uses UMBEL reference concepts to tag input text using the OBIE (Ontology-Based Information Extraction) method. Its "plain" designation arises because the words (tokens) of the input text are matched to either the preferred labels or alternative labels of the reference concepts; no further manipulations are performed such as stemming or disambiguation.

The results are presented in two sections depending on whether the preferred or alternative label(s) were matched. Multiple matches, either by concept or label type, are coded by color. Source words with matches and multiple source occurrences are ranked first; thereafter, all source words are presented alphabetically. The tagged concepts can be clicked to have access to their full description. The output of the online tool or endpoint may be used as-is, but is intended to be the input to more sophisticated tagging methods coming in future releases.


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