UMBEL Web Services

The UMBEL project has been created and is supported by Structured Dynamics LLC. The project makes available a series of Web service endpoints that can be used without limitation. There are no throttling or querying limits imposed to any of the Web services endpoints, and they are free to use.


Free to Use

Many Web services have a free tier that will let you query the service within limits, followed by a second paid tier for more queries or functions. With the UMBEL Web services, you can send as many queries as you want. They are free to use.

No Usage Limits

Web services normally have usage limits like a maximum number of queries per day. However none of the UMBEL Web services impose such limits.

No Throttling

Web services are usually throttled such that you cannot send X number of queries within Y number of miunutes. With the UMBEL Web services, you may send as many queries as you wish without limits.

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