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Malibu Club Casino Review

Rose Varrelli | 8 сентября, 2020 | Updated on: 20 апреля, 2024

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About Malibu Club Casino.

Malibu Club Casino is a relatively old project, which proved their users that they are a relevant and high-quality institution. It was created in 2010 by Silverstone Overseas Ltd, which also has thirteen titles including such sister sites as Da Vinci’s Gold, Ricardo’s, and Slots Jackpot. So, they know how to manage such kinds of projects. Malibu Club Casino has a huge catalog of slot machines from manufacturers such as Rival. Here you can play on mobile, computer, iPad, and many other devices. In this Malibu Club Casino, we will discuss the main games of the institution and its main gaming features.

Slots, exclusive i-Slots, table games, and more are available on lag-free software that provides a safe and secure gaming platform in which you can enjoy these online casino games. Rival Gaming takes the innovation of the online casino space very seriously. Here, players have a chance to enjoy new types of online casino games that are released there once or twice a month.

Malibu Club Casino Games.

Thousands of slot machines are available around the clock to visitors of the institution or their app. And Malibu Casino instant play feature allows players to start playing at any moment. Classic slots, cards, and table games will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions. And modern graphics will provide complete immersion in the atmosphere of excitement and thrill.

To be a professional in an online casino, there is no need to immerse yourself in the rules. For an initial acquaintance with new types of casino games, just open the demo version. Then you will be able to decide for yourself what goal you are pursuing. Maybe, you want to have a fun time or a serious game with mastering all the game subtleties, or maybe you are even striving to win the jackpot.

Charming board games like Bingo, Scratch Card Games, Keno, and the Sudoku Box game will certainly amuse players when they take a break from the big casino games. However, there is still a chance to get some additional winnings. It is good to know that the growing number of games at Casino Malibu Club Online can be played on compatible Smartphones and Tablets, as well as on any computer or laptop.


The popularity of slot machines can be justified due to the presence of constantly increasing jackpots, which are formed through deductions to the prize fund. To win it in this institution, the player must collect the best winning combination of numbers, pictures, or symbols. In video emulators used in the discussed online club, game reels (up to five pieces) and pay lines (up to fifty) are displayed on the screen. Many playgrounds provide a variety of incentive programs, which can be additional spins or games, as well as wild symbols that replace any image, thereby increasing the chances of winning.


Blackjack is characterized by a simple, high speed of counting playing cards, and easy rules. The goal of the game is the main and most common misconception. The main task of the participant is to beat the virtual dealer, and not to collect the number as close as possible to 21. The game involves the use of one to eight card decks.

As long as the sum of the cards is below twenty-one, the ace is equal to eleven points, but it can be counted as one. When the player and the casino have an equal sum of points (if it is stipulated by the rules of the gambling establishment), then this distribution is recognized as a draw. Bets can be made before the distribution and only once. Although there are modifications of this game in Malibu Casino online, where you can increase the size of the bet during the game. The dealer deals one or two cards to himself and two to the player.

When the first two cards are added and you get 21, then it is called "Blackjack" and the participant's winnings are one point and five-tenths of his bet. But if with this combination the dealer has an ace or a picture, the user is offered two options for the game. The first is to play to the logical end, the second is to take the winnings.


This game is from the category of gambling card games. It is not particularly entertaining, and it is not at all fun. But meanwhile, this game is not in the last place among the players and in the list of card games. Therefore, Malibu Club Casino had to add it. The game has many similarities with Macao. Baccarat is based on very easy rules.


The online dice game is actually simple. But for a beginner player, it may seem too complicated. A field with many boxes for bets, game markers, a dealer taking a player's bet even if a given number falls out, etc. can make a player feel confused. But soon, when all the above actions take on meaning, craps become a favorite game for many. In Malibu Club Casino, the dice has 6 faces. And the game involves two dice. It is not difficult to calculate that there are only 36 combinations in the game with amounts ranging from two to twelve.

In order for the gamer to start the Craps game, it is necessary to place bets. In the case of the discussed casino, they are accepted in chips, the denomination of which ranges from one to five hundred dollars. You can place bets on variants of potential combinations. The goal of the game is very simple and is that if the player's bet wins, he gets a win in accordance with the standard odds. Accordingly, losing users lose their bet, but in some cases, it can be returned. The game also includes two stages. In the first case, the gambler needs to throw two dice on the field. If the total of the dropped out points is from 4 to 11, then the number of points is fixed and the user gets the opportunity to roll the dice again. In the second stage, the same number of points should be received as in the first. If the numbers 7 and 11 fall out, then the gamer rolls the dice again. And the rest of the combinations will make you lose.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai-Gow Poker is an ancient Chinese game that was invented a very long time ago. The card game is relevant in Asian countries, and especially in the country where it was created, in China. This is because this game is based on the principle of Chinese dominoes. Each player receives seven cards and tries to create two combinations of them. The first must be made of two cards, but the second combination is made of five cards. The resulting combinations are compared by the ranking of the poker hands. The stronger the combination, the fewer chances the opponent will have to win.


The ruler of all gambling, roulette has been the most famous and demanded entertainment in gambling establishments since the first day of its existence. It is difficult to prove or disprove this statement, but it is quite easy to imagine. It expresses the very essence of the casino, which is the equal opportunities for winning and excitement for each participant in the game.

For this reason, many people think of the roulette wheel when they hear the word "Casino." And in Malibu Club online, there is an opportunity to play all the best and most popular types of roulettes.


Basically, keno is a classic lotto, which has a playing field of eighty numbers, as well as numbers drawn in a random way. The random number generator is responsible for the fairness of the game. The rules are to guess from one to fifteen numbers. Of course, the more the player predicts the numbers, the higher his prize money will be.

Let's be honest, in keno, trying to guess the maximum number of numbers means the minimum percentage to win. However, for dreamers, keno is the best option to win the jackpot.

Bonuses and promotions.

A bonus in Malibu Club Casino is a kind of prize that you receive in order to open a casino account or real money deposit. Most often, a credit is provided in the form of bonus codes, with which you can play. And after fulfilling certain casino conditions, it will be credited to your account. Other common types of bonuses include free spins or cashback. Bonuses prolong the game and give you a second chance. They are often a good opportunity to play a little more.

Malibu Club Casino no deposit bonus is given in the form of a loan, in accordance with your deposit amount. Most often you can get 50%, 100% of the deposit, sometimes even 200% or 300%. For VIP visitors, the bonus will be bigger. But the maximum bonus amount is limited.

There are also free spins. You won't get any bonuses, but you can get free spins on one of the most popular slot machines. Profit is not credited to your account immediately. It forms a bonus credit that requires you to fulfill additional conditions. Only after meeting these requirements, the casino will credit your account with money, which you can then withdraw.

Payment methods.

Payment methods of this institution include Visa and Mastercard only. Right now, they do not support Neosurf, but this feature should appear soon. The deposit can be made in the range of 20 - 1000 dollars. And the withdrawal process takes 2-5 days.

Customer Support.

One of the main advantages of this casino is 24/7 customer support in a live chat. Therefore, if you are confused or have problems with something, you can always text them. However, they speak English only, which is not that good for players from other countries. Yet, according to our observation, support was always able to solve any problem.

Licensing and Restricted Countries.

First of all, Malibu Club Casino has a license, and it is issued in Curacao. Therefore, we are sure that it is safe. And you cannot play in this gambling institution if you are a resident of Mauritius, Netherlands Antilles, Israel, Costa Rica, Canada, South Africa, and some other European countries. But players from other countries can use the Malibu Club Casino instant play and start enjoying gambling at any moment without the need to download any games.

The Casino has undoubtedly been improved for the better and Players should not be afraid to dive in search of treasures. Support will be on the lookout 24/7/365 in the event if something bad happens or you just get confused about something. And overall, we can say that the casino is fully protected by the caring staff. Moreover, in order to allow players to have an incomparable gaming experience on each of the three platforms, the casino Malibu Club Casino offers very interesting promotions every day.